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We're Not Married

Co-Stars:Ginger Rogers, Fred Allen, Victor Moore, David Wayne, Eve Arden, Paul Douglas, Eddie Bracken, Mitzi Gaynor, Louis Calhern, Zsa Zsa Gabor

Marilyn's Character: Annabel Norris

Director: Edmund Goulding

Synopsis: Five couples find out they aren't really married because the Justice of the Peace who married them didn't yet have a valid license.

Marilyn joins an all-star cast in this film as a beauty pageant contestant who finds out her marriage isn't legal. The role was created solely to showcase Marilyn.


The Monroe-Wayne sequence is pretty lightweight, but shows off the Monroe form to full advantage in a bathing suit, offering certain exploitation for film. ~Variety

Nunnally Johnson has a picnic with marriage in We're Not Married...and hs good time is shared by all.~New York Herald Tribune