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On August 4th, 1962, Marilyn Monroe left this world. She left behind many unanswered questions and many shocked and saddened friends, family and fans around the world. Her crypt, located in Westwood Memorial Park, and the Brentwood home where she passed away, located at 12305 Fifth Helena, have become sites of pilgrimage for devoted fans. For the many around the world who can not make the journey, I have created this page as a permanent memorial. Below you will find photographs of Marilyn's crypt and her home.


Share the grief of the world as they say goodbye to Marilyn. Exclusive to Legend, scans of my personal copy of the August 9, 1962 New York Mirror reporting Marilyn's funeral. Click the newspaper.

August 5th, 1999

August 5th, 1999

August 4th, 2000

August 5th, 2000.
View of the garage and guest house where some authors allege Marilyn died.

August 5th, 1999.
View of the main house. To the right is the room where Marilyn's body was found.

DISCLAIMER: The photos of Marilyn's house were taken from the open gate. I do not advocate trespassing in any form. No attempt was made to enter the house or property.