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The Prince and The Showgirl

Co-Stars: Laurence Olivier

Marilyn's Character: Elsie Marina

Director: Laurence Olivier

Synopsis: A visiting Carpathian Prince (Olivier) tries (and fails) to resist the charms of an American showgirl (Marilyn) whom fate continually throws in his path.

The first and only production by Marilyn's film company, Marilyn Monroe Productions, was filmed in London shortly after Marilyn married Arthur Miller. She starred opposite the legendary Sir Laurence Olivier, and during production discovered a major clash in acting styles and in personality that made filming extremely difficult and painful. Despite the behind the scenes troubles, Marilyn is radiant on the screen.


The Prince and the Showgirl is great fun if you don't take it seriously. ~New York Times

The unpredictable waverings of Marilyn Monroe's acting promise to soar to a triumpnaht peak in The Prince and the Showgirl... ~New York World-Telegram and Sun

This, I am sure, is Miss Monroe's best cinema effort. ~Los Angeles Times

Marilyn Monroe has never seemed more in command of herself as a person and as a comedienne. `New York Post


French Crystal Star:
Best Foreign Actress (Marilyn Monroe)

David Di Donatello (Italy):
Best Foreign Actress (Marilyn Monroe)