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The Seven Year Itch

Co-Stars: Tom Ewell

Marilyn's Character: The Girl

Director: Billy Wilder

Synopsis: A summer bachelor with a great imagination (Tom Ewell) is tempted by his beautiful upstairs neighbour (Marilyn)

The film that contains Marilyn's most famous scene - standing over a subway grate with her skirt flying in the air was also one of her most succesful comedies. It has been suggested that it was that very scene that caused the breakup of Marilyn's marriage to Joe DiMaggio. After all the publicity surrounding the late-night filming of the shots, the scene had to be re-filmed in a sutdio.


Miss Monroe brings a special personality and a certain physical something or other to the film... ~New York Times

Marilyn is just about perfect in the role of the pleasantly vacuous and even more pleasantly curved heroine ~Hollywood Reporter

This is the picture every red-blooded American male has been awaiting ever since the publication of the tease photos showing the wind lifting Marilyn Monroe's skirt above her shapely gams. It was worth waiting for. ~New York Daily Mirror


Golden Globes:
Best Actor - Musical/Comedy (Tom Ewell)