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Some Like It Hot

Co-Stars: Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon

Marilyn's Character: Sugar Kane

Director: Billy Wilder

Synopsis: Two men hide from the mafia in an all girls band after they witness a murder, and find it hard to keep their cover as women when they meet Sugar Kane (Marilyn)

Although it turned out to be Marilyn's biggest hit, she didn't want to do Some Like it Hot at first. She thought the character was just another dumb blonde, and furthermore, she was trying to have a child with Arthur Miller. However, the couple needed the money, so Marilyn accepted the role. Her lateness and flubbing of lines on the set of this film is legendary - but Marilyn may have had an ulterior motive. She was locked in a battle with director Billy Wilder over how her charcter should be portrayed, and in the end, she won. Her exasperation of Wilder led to the creation of one of comedies most memorable blondes and biggest hits.


Running Wild - Hear a clip! REAL AUDIO

I Wanna Be Loved By You - Hear a clip! MPEG - REAL AUDIO

I'm Through With Love


She's [Marilyn] a comedienne with that combination of sex appeal and timing that just can't be beat. ~Variety

As the band's somewhat simple singer-ukulele player, Miss Monroe, whose figure simply cannot be overlooked, contributes more assets than the obvious ones to this madcap romp. ~New York Times

To get down to cases, Marilyn does herself proud, giving a performance of such intrinsic quality that you begin to believe she's only being herself and it is herself who fits into that distant period and this picture so well. ~New York Post


Academy Awards:
Best Costume Design

Golden Globes:
Best Motion Picture - Comedy
Best Actor - Musical/Comedy (Jack Lemmon)
Best Actress - Musical/Comedy (Marilyn Monroe)

British Academy Awards:
Best Foreign Actor (Jack Lemmon)