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My Beautiful

Death is release
Oh my beautiful never forgotten
were you angry
were you even there
ever again
Are we any of us faultless
are you happy
do you even care
any more
And have we the right to whisper
your name
like a prayer
in the dark
And if we ask our questions
are the answers
ours to know or
yours alone
Once again my beautiful Norma Jeane
someone, somewhere
cries out for justice
for you
And do we wake you Norma Jeane
from sleep
your eternal rest
your peace
Can we ever know the truth
do we ask
for you or only
for ourselves
Oh stop the crying, Norma Jeane
it doesn't matter
there is no justice
you are gone
And are we crying for you
or for
ourselves, missing
you so
Oh my beautiful never forgotten
can we only
love your life and
forgive your death
Oh, my beautiful Norma Jeane
somewhere you know
death is release and we
don't understand