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Monkey Business

Co-Stars: Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Charles Coburn

Marilyn's Character: Lois Laurel

Director: Howard Hawks

Synopsis: A scientist (Grant) and his wife (Rogers) test a youth formula on themselves.

Marilyn plays one of her many roles as a secretary in this film, and a rather empty-headed one at that. It was the last secretary role she ever had to play, however. Marilyn's star was on the rise.


She [Marilyn] disproves more than adequately the efficacy of the old stage rule about not turning one's back to the audience. ~New York Herald Tribune

Marilyn Monroe can look and act dumber than any of the screens current blondes ~New York Daily News

Marilyn Monroe garners laughs and whistles, bouncing in and out as a secretary who can't type. Typing skill, however, is the only attribute which the lady appears to be lacking in. ~Photoplay