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The Misfits

Co-Stars: Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift, Eli Wallach

Marilyn's Character: Roslyn Tabor

Director: John Huston

Synopsis: Roslyn Tabor (Marilyn) befriends three cowboys while in Reno to obtain a divorce, and is extremely upset when she realizes they plan to trap wild horses to sell them for dog meat.

The Misfits was the last film Marilyn ever completed, and was also the swan song for her marriage to Arthur Miller. Written by Miller as a "gift" to Marilyn, the production was plagued by difficulties. In the middle of filming, Marilyn suffered a breakdown and spent ten days in the hospital recovering. The film allowed Marilyn to star opposite her longtime idol, Clark Gable, who died of a heart attack shortly after filming wrapped.


Gable has never done anything better on screen, nor has Miss Monroe ~New York Daily News

...there is a delicacy about her [Marilyn] playing, and a tenderness that is affecting ~ The Hollywood Reporter

Marilyn plays a role into which are written bits and pieces reminiscent of her own life. ~Life