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Love Nest

Co-Stars: June Haver, William Lundigan, Frank Fay

Marilyn's Character: Roberta "Bobby" Stevens

Director: Joseph M. Newman

Synopsis: Returning from the war, Jim Scott (Lundigan) moves into a old building purchased by his wife and the two run into many troubles as landlords to tenants that include Jim's wartime friend (Marilyn), who arouses suspicion when "Bobby" turns out to be a woman.

Fox threw Marilyn into this film as part of the effort to use her as much as possible as soon as they signed her to a new contract. She plays the role of the sexy blonde, as usual, this time an ex-WAC who arouses the jealousy of her friend and landlord's wife.


...a rather dated theme...Marilyn Monroe is tossed in to cause jealousy between the landlords.~Variety