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Ladies of The Chorus

Co-Stars: Adele Jergens, Rand Brooks

Marilyn's Character: Peggy Martin

Director: Phil Karlson

Synopsis: The mother (Jergens) of a burlesque queen (Marilyn) worries that her daughter won't be accepted when she falls in love with a wealthy man.

Marilyn had her first leading role in this low-budget film at Columbia Pictures. The film marked her first singing and dancing performance as well as her first mention in movie reviews.


Ladies of the Chorus (with group)

Anyone Can See I Love You - Hear a clip! REAL AUDIO

Every Baby Needs a Da-Da-Daddy - Hear a clip! REAL AUDIO


One of the bright spots is Miss Monroe's singing. She is pretty, and with her pleasing voice and style, she shows promise~Motion Picture Herald

Miss Monroe presents a nice personality in her portrayal of the burley singer~Variety