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Don't Bother to Knock

Co-Stars: Richard Widmark, Anne Bancroft

Marilyn's Character: Nell Forbes

Director: Roy Ward Baker

Synopsis: An airline pilot meets a babysitter (Marilyn) in a hotel who turns out to be mentally ill.

The first lead role given to Marilyn by Fox was an unlikely choice for an actress being pushed as a sex symbol. In Don't Bother To Knock, Marilyn showcases her dramatic abilities as the psychotic babysitter.


Marilyn Monroe, whose screen roles had little impact except to show her natural physical attributes, now emerges in Don't Bother To more than a sexy dame. She has good dramatic promise. ~New York Daily Mirror

It proves conclusively that she [Marilyn] is the kind of big new star for which exhibitors are always asking ~Motion Picture Herald Tribuen

...they've thrown Marilyn Monroe into the deep dramatic waters, sink or swim, and while she doesn't really do either, you could say that she floats ~New York Post