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Co-Stars: Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters

Marilyn's Character: Rose Loomis

Director: Henry Hathaway

Synopsis: A couple on their honeymoon at Niagara Falls become involved in the plot of another guest of the hotel (Marilyn) to do away with her husband so she can be with her lover.

This "film noir" was the role that made Marilyn an international star, catapulting her to fame. The film contained the longest "walking away" scene in history up until that time - Marilyn walking away from the camera.


Kiss (Marilyn sings along with a record in the film, but recorded the entire song) - Hear a clip! REAL AUDIO


What lifts this film above the commonplace is it's star, Marilyn Monroe ~Time

Here is the greatest star since Jean Harlow. She has more intelligence than Harlow. she out-lures Lana. She makes any other glamour-girl you care to name look house-wifely ~Los Angeles Examiner

...she [Marilyn] gives the kind of serpentine performance that makes the audience hate her while admiring her, which is proper for the story ~New York Herald Tribune